Isaiah Kalebu: 'I was told by my attack my enemies'

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Isaiah Kalebu, the man charged in the brutal rape of two South Park women and the murder of one of the women, took the stand in his own defense Wednesday.

Judge Michael Hayden said Tuesday that Kalebu would be permitted to testify, despite his repeated outbursts and disruptions in court.

Kalebu sat in court Wednesday wearing a yellow shirt and green tie. Per the judge's orders, he was restrained with an electronic wristband, which was blocked from the jury's view by a partition.

Kalebu took the stand, despite his attorneys recommendations that he does not testify. In his testimony, Kalebu answered questions that he wrote.

After being sworn in and answering a question about the events of July 19, 2009, Kalebu told the court: "I was there and I was told by my god, the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to attack my enemies and I did so." He did not specify if the "enemies" he referred to were the victims.

The next question was if he had ever been diagnosed with a mental illness. He replied that he had been disagnosed several times. The prosecution objected and then the jury was removed from the court room. The defense tried to have judge allow the insanity plea, but was denied.

The defense said earlier that it would not call any witnesses.

The jury is expected to hear closing arguments Wednesday.

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