Little girl injured by hair band makes best of situation

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7-year-old Mya Bartlett does not like to talk about the accident that fractured her skull and left her with traumatic brain damage. It happened in April, 2010. She fell on a soccer ball, fell backward, and hit her head. The Hello Kitty ponytail holder she was wearing damaged her fragile skull.

“I fell on a head accessory and had a head injury,” she simply stated.

Now Bartlett is using her injurty to raise awareness about safe hair bows.  After doing some research, her mom realized that Mya’s injury was fairly common, especially for girls who are active.

“As the doctors said, it was as if she had a rock and a knife in her head when she fell,” said Mya’s mom Tristen Waters. “The rock was the plastic, and the corners and edges acted as a knife."

Now Mya and her sister Kyra have turned the injury into an investment. They are making and selling safe hair accessories, without plastic or metal parts.

“Girls under the age of 14, their head is sstill growing and developing,” said Kyra.

Mya and Kyra design and sew the bows themselves, with a little help from their mom, Waters.

Waters says Mya has struggled with ADD, ADHD, and memory loss among other things since the injury. However, she is proud that the girls are attempting to help prevent similar problems.

“The product that they are making is going to save lives,” Waters said. “And because the product they are making is saving lives, they are saving the world.”

The girls used some of the money they made from the bows and bands to pay for summer camp. Now they are deciding which charity to donate the rest of the money thay made to.  

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