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Rainfall gives North Texans a Break From Hot Weather

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The morning rain wasn't enough to raise the water level at Trammell Crow Lake at Trinity River near downtown Dallas.  Even the birds wondered where all the water went, but for love birds, it did a lot.

"We're just out enjoying the shade for once after 45 days", said Josh Ongena.

It was the perfect day for Ongena and Katie Beth Adkins to see the Dallas skyline.

"I really was hoping we'd get more rain than we did earlier this week so it's nice we finally got some rainfall last night", Adkins said.

A week ago, it looked as if it would be another week of record setting triple digit temperatures.

Not only did we fail to break the record, but the week ends with 80 degree temperatures and much needed rainfall.

In the Lake Highlands area, Ashton Hervey and Melanie Hall spent the day at the playground with their young daughters.

"I'm happy, I'm happy. I'm tired of the heat, ooh it's just too hot. Thank the lord", Hervey said.

The weather also meant cooler equipment for the girls to play on.

"That heat is just out of control.  It's like you need a little water, a little rain to calm it down. Because they're tired of being cooped up in the house, and I'm tired of them being cooped up in the house", Hall said.

At a nearby recreation center, the timing was perfect for an outdoor birthday party.

"It was 79 earlier today and we were thinking it's going to be a little bit chilly. Actually it's really great out. It's really comfortable, it's not too cold, the cake's in good condition, so we're happy", said John Peterson.

They were expecting the worst so they planned the party at a water spray area -- smart move.

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