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Ambien Sex


It was overnight on Thanksgiving 2009 when the world's greatest golfer crashed his SUV into a tree. World-wide infamy followed.

The Tiger Woods scandal included more than one-dozen alleged mistresses. The first one, Rachel Uchitel, has been reported as revealing she and Tiger Woods had what's called "Ambien sex".

It's a mix of the sleep aid and intercourse Uchitel is rumored to have bragged to friends like this, "You have crazier sex on Ambien. You get into the Ambien haze."

Or as Plano pharamicist Donna Barsky calls it, "twilight."

Barksy says Ambien is an excellent sleep aid, but just before the crash, some people's brains get hyper-stimulated.

"When it first starts taking effect, you lose all inhibitions. You may think that you're sleeping or dreaming. In fact, you may in fact be doing all of the things your fantasies desire."

Donna Barksy says you may also not remember a thing. Frisco's Jake Slaton says that was the case for a buddy and his girlfriend who tried Ambien sex years ago, before it had a name.

"The next day after everything had happened, they didn't really remember what had gone on. Couldn't remember anything. Then two weeks later he ended up getting $200 worth of posters in the mail he didn't remember purchasing. He ended up like a couple of them, a Bob Marley" Jake Slaton said.

That may be one of the more mild side effects. The lack of control or memory could be seen as a justification for cheating. The holidays may also bring about reckless behavior with far worse consequences than forgetful sex.

"From people driving under the influence, maybe waking up in the middle of the street with no clothes on. All of these things have been documented" Donna Barsky said.

Spouses and partners should be on the lookout for strange behavior. Patients shouldn't be afraid to change medications.

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