Assault on 2 Gay Men Investigated as a Hate Crime

Two Fort Worth men say they were jumped, punched, and tazered for being gay. Now, they're afraid to show their faces, worried it could happen again.

"Kind of makes you feel not even safe to go outside your door sometimes," said Ray Easley.

Around 2am, May 24th, Easley and his partner, Jason Sanches were chased by seven people. They were stopping at a Shell station across the street from where they live for some gum.

"They said what is this f****t a** n****r gonna do?" said Sanches.

"Before we knew it, it was like 6 seconds later, they were coming across the street for us," said Easley.

Sanches says he was punched and someone tazered both him and Easley.

"They discriminate against us because we are who we are," said Sanches.

"I was called silly f****t," said Easley.

The couple claims the discrimination continued when police arrived.

"I felt like I wasn't being heard, like nobody cared," said Sanches.

They say they reported the anti-gay slurs, but the initial police report made no mention of them.

"They left out the name-calling, all the hateful words. They left that out of the report," said Sanches.

"I can tell you what's in the original police narrative here. i can't answer a question based on speculating what occurred that night," said police spokesperson Sgt. Pedro Criado.

The department says it didn't know about the slurs until days later, after the men contacted the city's new LGBT laiason, and an investigator followed up on the report.

"It was only then that we received information about this being a possible hate crime," said Criado.

"We told them everything, everything that happened, everything that was said," said Sanches.

Either way, the case is now being investigated by the major case squad and the FBI. It's up to the DA to file the charges.

In a statement late Wednesday, police spokesperson Paul Henderson defended the department, saying field officers aren't necessarily trained to investigate hate crimes. He also pointed out that, had the slurs been included in the report, the process would have taken just as long.

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