Glenn Beck Moves into New Texas Studios

Radio and TV personality Glenn Beck just moved into some new digs in North Texas.

 He moved his entire media empire from New York to The Studios at Las Colinas in Irving.  This includes his radio show and his TV production.  It will be part of Beck’s ambitious vision that is under the umbrella of to change the traditional media landscape.

Beck is remodeling 15,000 square feet of studio space on Soundstage One for GBTV.  Teams of construction crews are transforming the space into a state of the art HD broadcast center.

Brannon Preston with CRM Studios in Las Colinas helped to negotiate the deal for Beck to set up shop in Texas from his studios in New York.

“Glenn was already living in North Texas and wanted to bring his radio and television show here and we had the production facilities that would enable him to do both his television and radio show out of this location,” Preston said.  “It’s been a long process.  It’s been the last three to four months.”

Beck originally picked a vacant mega-church site in Southlake to build his new studios.  But, the deal was cancelled because of how much work would have gone into transforming it into a broadcast center.

Beck gave his viewers a tour of the space that is under renovation.

“It’s quite an amazing project that we're working on and you don’t want to miss a second,” Beck said.  “And you will be the first to see the future.”

The future is expected to be profitable.  The Wall Street Journal reports that GBTV is on track to take in more than 20-million dollars in its first year alone.   The report also said in September of 2011, GBTV already had 230-thousand subscribers who pay a monthly or annual fee.

The Irving Chamber of Commerce says it expects to get a share of that action.

“It’s been great for us,” said the Director of Business Development Leanne Weymouth.  “It’s going to create a significant amount of jobs and tourism, increased tourism for us.” 

The Mayor of Irving says she is asked all the time if this is a good thing for the city considering Beck can be a polarizing, controversial personality.

“And I’d say he’s no more controversial than the Dallas Cowboys, especially after this last season,” said Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne.  “You know, love him or not he has a very strong presence and he has a very strong following.”

The mayor says Beck could also help attract other big name broadcasters or prime time productions to North Texas.  One thing is for sure, Beck will bring in big time newsmakers to Irving to interview for his shows.

Beck says what he is doing is the next step in the future of television and media in general and he says, “The truth lives here.”

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