Brideshead Revisited

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Now I love a good story that evokes that grand romanticnotion of unrequited desire that can never entirely be forgotten. Throwin a good-looking British chap from the lower class(artist, no less), an atonce decadent and supremely religious uppity British family, a 1920s timeperiod, exotic leisure-class trips to Venice,and I'm already salivating involuntarily.


But, Brideshead Revisted left my salivary glands feeling cheated. Thisadaptation of Evelyn Waugh's canonical novel failed to draw me in. And itwasn't just because the story is so far removed from my own experience,either. Rather, the film's elliptical nature created an odd pacing thatleft me starting and stopping at all the wrong moments. Also, the keyrelationships didn't ring true, and so I really couldn't care less whathappened to the whole Brideshead clan. This kind of movie has been done beforeand been done much better. Go throw Wings of the Dove (1997) on your Netflixqueue instead. You won't be sorry. Promise.

Rating: Watch on TV

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