College Costs

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The effects of the down economy are trickling down to college campuses, including TCU.

"There's no question in my mind that the economy is already having an effect on the admission process," said Dean of Admissions Ray Brown.  "it appears that we are about 5 to 600 applications behind where we were this time last year."

Incoming freshmen are turning to the more affordable public universities rather than private ones.

"I'm looking at cheaper schools or cost-free schools," prospective student Nancy Acevedo said. "I'm looking into the military academies because I can get an Ivy League education at no cost."

The final decision for many students depends on financial aid... which is often not enough in a down ecomomy.

"Convince Congress to to raise the limit that students can borrow in the federal loan programs," said Director of Financial Aid Mike Scott. "The problem is that Congress has only increased  their limits once in the last 20 years."

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