Judge Clears Way For Release Of Caraway Recording

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A Dallas County Judge has denied a request by Mayor Dwaine Caraway for a temporary injunction concerning a police recording following a domestic dispute at Caraway’s home. The development capped off a court hearing Tuesday that lasted well into the evening.

A defiant Caraway took the stand and testified that releasing the recordings could harm his marriage.

This all started January 2nd when Dallas police were called to Caraway’s home following a football game. The police chief sent a unit to the home after learning Caraway and his wife, State Representative Barbara Mallory Caraway, were having an altercation.

Dwaine Caraway initially told reporters that this was a disagreement between two of his friends named Arthur and Archie. But after he learned police had recorded their conversation with him, he changed his story and fought to keep the recording from the public.

After the judge denied his request for the injunction, Caraway said he’s glad the matter is over.

“I’m a little disappointed but I’m glad this is behind us now. What is on the tape the world will hear is something between two people. I believe in fighting for privacy. I believe every citizen should be afforded privacy. The court ruled in the way they did. I have a city to run as mayor. This has not been a distraction to me. More than one I believe I’m standing on is right”, he said.

The city attorney said the tapes will be released Wednesday morning.

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