Cool Gifts: Top Presents for the Movie Lover

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Have a movie geek in your life and don't know what to get 'em?

Intimidated by all the special DVD gift sets cluttering the Best Buy shelves at holiday time?

Tired of giving DVDs but don't know where to begin shopping for that special movie person?

If you answered even a half-hearted yes to any of these questions, then Flick Chick's Guide to Holiday Shopping is here to help.

Over the next few weeks, I will be featuring movie-themed gifts.  So check back often because the list will surely grow.

Don't worry, you will find something to please that movie geek or flick chick you know.

Flick Chick's Guide to Holiday Shopping

essential reading

The title says it all.  A pithy guide to let the film snob in your life test their knowledge.

Joe Bob Briggs, well known as an authority and fan on cult movies, analyzes 20 films and points out their cultural significance.  As Publishers Weekly put it, Profoundly Disturbing merits attention from fans tired of high-minded essays about classics such as Citizen Kane, and explains why crass, tasteless pictures often make more impact than those released with the stamp of respectability."

Really, what cinemaniac doesn't love (or at least appreciate)  Scarface?  It's like a comfortable old jacket that you forget about and then fall in love with all over again when you find it buried in the back of your closet.  DePalma's at his over-the-top, operatic best in this 1983 saga.  He's matched by likewise operatic performances from pre-hoo-AH  Pacino, Robert Loggia, an icy Michelle Pfeiffer and an hysterical Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.  Scarface Nation: The Ultimate Gangster Movie and How it Changed America is hot off the press from St. Martins: Griffin.  Ken Tucker, editor-at-large for Entertainment Weekly and the mag's TV critic found some spare time to pen this homage to all things Scarface.

Victor Fleming: An American Movie Master  by film critic Michael Sragow.  Fleming, who directed most of The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind, and all of The Virginian and Bombshell, was not just a consummate studio craftsman but a distinctive artist, contends this rapt biography. Critic Sragow celebrates Fleming's feel for action and fantasy, and his intuitive way of directing actors. Sragow also credits Fleming with inventing the Hollywood masculinity embodied by screen idols like Gary Cooper, Spencer Tracy and Clark Gable. Fleming, a big-game hunter and a polished bon vivant known for bedding his female stars, was both a man's man and a ladies' man, Sragow writes, who made male characters correspondingly tough but chivalrous (though offscreen Fleming wasn't above twisting Lana Turner's arm or slapping Ingrid Bergman to draw on-camera tears). Sragow's intricate, engrossing accounts of the making of Fleming's films convey his on-set charisma (and form a fine montage of Hollywood's evolution), but the real auteur is the studio system itself and its well-honed myth-making machinery (Fleming's last movie, Joan of Arc, an independent production, was a fiasco). Sragow's Fleming is a man who personified Old Hollywood, but didn't transcend it. (Publisher's Weekly)

life imitates movies

This is just cool.  Who doesn't want to take a bite out of Darth Vader's head?  Hmmm...I wonder how that looks on a bagel.  The Star Wars shop has outdone themselves with this little gadget.  Take a look, there's bound to be something in the shoppe for your favorite movie lover.

Does anything say Christmas more than these truly awesome Star Trek nutcrakers?
I think not! I know, these are technically more TV related than movie.  Still, with the JJ Abrams remake coming out soon, these guys totally are beyond the little screen.

Can it be true?  Are thoseStar Wars characters?  And, why are the strangely shaped?  Yes, theyreally are USB flash drives, but oh so much more, too!

Does your movie geek LOVE Harry Potter?  Thankfully there is no shortage of Harry Potter lifestyle accessories.  From ties to Hogwarts cap and scarf to wizard wands, you'll have no trouble decking your favorite movie muggle out with the accoutrement of his or her choice.

screening room

Who doesn't love realmovie theater popcorn?  If the movie lover on your list isn't in tochurning kernels, go with the a gift set of Jiffy Pop.  Maybe evenre-enact the jiffiest of all time finales ala Real Genius.

Serendipity 3, the landmark NYC restaurant, introduces chocolate-inspired goodies to recreate at home.  Throw in your favorite romantic comedy (it doesn't HAVE to be Serendipity) and whip up some frozen chocolate drink goodness!

play time

Action figures could make upan entire year-long blog all by themselves.  I'll be featuring some ofthe more surprising or offbeat ones I come across.  Office Space sets the right tone as the first in this series.

Barbie goes West Coast glam with the Hollywood Hostess Barbie Gift Set.  Catch her while you can, this special edition Barbie is in limited quantities.

Prefer your action figures to be all about action?  Then the spud man's got an Indiana Jones (or Shia LeBouf) stand in just for you!


Shop locally takes on a whole new meaning with the Alamo Drafthouse.  Voted the #1 movie theater in America by Entertainment Weekly,the Alamo is a Texas theater chain.  It's based in Austin with theatersaround the state...sadly, no outlets in DFW - a true crime againstcinemania!  Still, you can support the Alamo online with giftcertificates, t-shirts, merchandise and outrageous, originalsilkscreen prints of their numerous special screenings.


If you have to go the DVD route, then you can't ever go wrong with a Criterion Collection release.  This season, Bottle Rocket is getting the Criterion treatment. AWESOME!!!

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