Cost of back to school supplies quickly add up

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Pencils, paper, notebooks, it is back to school time. At Target, families are crowding the school supply section getting what they need.

We caught up with Dionne Bourque who's shopping for her 12 year old daughter Isabella and 15 year old son Dakotah.

"We got all our markers, and notebooks and binders, calculators, glue sticks, just your basic supplies", Bourque said.

The schools give parents a hand providing a list of what the students will need by grade.

"Just supplies alone it usually averages somewhere from $160 to $170”, Bourque said.

According to the National Retail Federation... a family will spend just over 603 dollars this year for school supplies including clothes and electronics. That's actually down about three dollars from what it was last year.

This coming weekend is tax free weekend and you can save money on school supplies. However, you will have to fight the crowds to get to the bargains.

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