Flu Shots: Dallas County Will Run Out

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 506,000 doses of the H1N1 vaccine are being shipped to Texas. But, chances are you won't have the option of getting the shot. Only 20,000 doses will be available in Dallas County.

"20,000 doses is silly," said Dallas resident Kay Singleton. "It's ridiculous."

Singleton can't believe the CDC is only releasing such a small amount of the vaccine to one of the most populated areas in Texas. Health officials say those 20,000 doses will go to doctors and nurses, making anxious North Texas even more frustrated.

The Dallas County Health Director is worried about the poor and uninsured. The health department was about to launch a mass vaccination clinic to get the vaccine out to that population within the next few weeks. That has been put on hold until November.

"It may be late November and at that point we may have already seen additional deaths in Dallas County," Dallas County Health Director Zach Thompson said. "We're going to see additional outbreaks. So at that point, there may not even be an interest in taking the H1N1 vaccine."

The CDC says 15-million doses will be here in Texas by January.

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