A massive renovation project is winding down deep in the heart of Dallas.

DallasChuck Norris

A massive renovation project is winding down deep in the heart of Dallas. With a brand dart rail stop popping up local artists want riders getting into the Deep Ellum vibe.

Armed with spray paint cans and brushes a group of artists are giving the walls of Deep Ellum a new look, one that has Bonnie and Clyde, the Freed Slave, even Chuck Norris.

Frank Campagna has been doing this for thirty years now. But today he's putting the finishing touches on a project close to his heart. For him this is all about bringing back Deep Ellum. He says, " The true people that matter that actually care about true dallas culture do come for the music and art."

In the next block, more art. In all fifteen artists decorating three separate buildings. Artist Brian Crawford says, " This basically is signaling a rebirth of Deep Ellum trying to bring back the feeling that it had, you know, back in the day, back in the 90's."

Patrons have noticed a difference in the scene in the last few years. Dallas resident Lisa Collins says, " It used to be kind of cool in the 90's but then it kind of declined once the music scene out here once the music scene kind of went down with it."

But now with the art scene coming back the music scene may also be coming back in too. Business owners hope its part of a turn around.

Construction on this new dart green line is thought to have lot to do with revitalization in the area. Its expected to open up in september of this year. New transportation will of course bring in more traffic. Already new businesses are popping up along its tracks. The Grill at Reno's just opened it doors a month ago. Owner Robert Moseley says, " I wanted to make sort of a, my own version of a hard rock café with some of my memorabilia, share some of my experiences and my love for good food."

So far business is picking up. Its just the momentum these mural artist are hoping to get going. And when the crowds do increase they'll have some dazzling scenes to look at.

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