FameTown: Facebook Game Where Players Compete to be A-list Celebrities

CelebritiesMichael Eisner

We’ll get a taste of what it's like to be a Hollywood celebrity with a new Facebook game called FameTown.

It’s modeled after games like FarmVille, except you try to become a Hollywood star and instead of a farmer.

You earn “favors”, which is the currency of the game, by producing movies in your studio, and you can improve your status by attending the right parties.

Players pick which make-believe actor they want to be, and the object of the game is to move from the D-list to the A-list.

According to the SEC filing, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner’s company, Tornante, invested 300 thousand in the LA start up, Diversion, who will launch the game. It will be released on November 1st.

Will it succeed? We’ll see. But it sounds like a lot more fun hiring an assistant and agent than watering my crops.

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