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Dr. David Genecov has been treating 23-year old Tanasha Zackery since she was a kid--she was diagnosed with Parry Romberg Syndrome which causes muscle and tissue in the face to atrophy.

It started showing when Tanasha as a youngster.

She recently had liposuction and had fat transplanted from her stomach to her face to make it more symmetrical.She said liposuction is not a day at the beach.

"It is kind of tough as far as dealing with the pain, feeling different looking," Tanisha said. "It's better to get it done one time and get it over with and then knowing that is all you have to go through just one time."

One time because she's cryogenically storing her fat and regenerative cells at BioLife Cell Bank in Dallas.

Dr. Genecov said it's the only cell bank in the world preserving both fat and regenerative cells that exist within the fat.

Dr. Genecov said Tanasha can now make a fat withdrawal before her next Treatment.

"Historically fat was removed, it was either re-injected at that operation or most often times probably more than 98% of the time that fat was thrown away as medical waste."

But Tanasha's can be thawed and used again.

"We separated the stem cells from the fat and added those stem cells to more fat, almost like more fertilizer when you're planting a rose bush or something," Dr. Genevoc said. "You add those stem cells to the fat and it enhances the fats ability to survive."

Tanasha had a silicone chin implant but had it removed and is now using her own fat as facial filler.

"I was excited about this procedure because it was a natural filler instead of introducing a foreign substance into the body," Tanasha said. "I did have an issue with the silicone."

Dr. Genecov said that youthful fat cells can be cryogenically stored and used over a lifetime.The sooner--the better.

"Younger cells are better cells, they are more active," Dr. Genecov said. "They are more resilient to stress."

Processing fat cells starts at $1,700.00 with a $200.00 a year storage fee--the more fat you store the more it costs.

For Tanasha--it's a down payment on her future.

"It's better," Tanasha said. "A lot better."

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