Lady Bloggers Make Gains on Men: Study

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The blogosphere is boasting more women than ever before. It's a trend that can been seen right here in North Texas.

Women are making gains on men when it comes to blogging. It's something many women say offers them balance between family and career.

"We found ourselves married with children, babies with nothing to do but shop," said Co-founder Tina Craig.

Craig says the blog started as just a hobby between she and friend.

"A lot of women like us, you have a great career in your 20s, you get married when you turn 30, you have a baby, but it doesn't mean your brain`s gone dead and you still want to stay creative, so I think the internet has allowed us a voice," she said.

Fast forward six years and Bag Snob is a legit business.

"Things just kind of snowballed and now we have 15 different revenue streams," said Craig.

Hers is just one of dozens of popular female run blogs based here in D-FW.

In fact, a new study says the number of lady bloggers grew to 41 percent this year, an increase of five over last.

"I think we`ve finally realized that we ourselves are experts in a lot of things," said Standing Dog Interactive social media expert Lauren Parajon.

Parajon manages blogs for Standing Dog Interactive says from fashion to food to family female bloggers have a lot to say.

"If you want to tell your story and you want to get your message across, blogging is the best way to do it," she said.

Tina Craig's turned her blog into a full-time career.

"The blog resonated with people, because at the time, they were reading the big fashion magazines and they would see our blog and it was like getting an email from a girlfriend," said Craig.

And now instead of just blogging about bags, she's designing her own.

"We had no idea it would become what it did," she said.

Bag Snob's own line of bags in partnership with DKNY.

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