Swine Flu Vaccine Trials

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In a tiny Fort Worth strip mall doctors are conducting important clinical trials. Dr. William Seger examines Johnny Morris junior and his brother Braden to see if they qualify for the swine flu trial.

Over the past three weeks, more than 200 people have volunteered to take part. Parents and nurses go over an informed consent form, and so far, doctor Seger says there are few side effects.

"Well, the initial thing we are looking for is direct response to the flu shot itself and that is local irritation to having the flu shot and then we are looking for flu-like symptoms.

Benchmark Research is testing vaccines for several companies and targeting infants and children up to 9 years old and adults 65 and up. Today, Johnny Jr. received either a swine flu shot or a placebo. Either way, it hurt, but his dad says he's doing the right thing.

"Just trying to protect my kid against a possible outbreak you know, with the swine flu, try to get a cure for it, just so they don't have one. Everybody has got to do some research."

Dr. Seger says researchers are working off a swine flu strain found in California in July and is confident the strain won't mutate between now and when vaccines are delivered. Dr. Seger will send research findings to the Food and Drug Administration which will establish a safe vaccine. He says he'd roll up his sleeve if he could.

"Absolutely. You know I can't because I'm involved in the research on it, but absolutely."

As for Johnny, he says the benefits outweigh potential risks.

"I wouldn't put my kids in it if I didn't trust it."

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HealthSwine FluPharmaceutical IndustryTrials and ArbitrationCrime, Law and Justice