Guns on Campus?

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UNT junior Josh Perkins carries his licensed, concealed handgun almost everywhere the law allows. But that doesn't include school, the one place he'd really like to have it. Josh Perkins says, "The same reason I carry it anywhere else. It's not an issue of using it, but having it, God Forbid if you ever had to."

Perkins says the 32 person massacre at Virginia Tech in 2007 showed him if it can happen there, it can happen anywhere. That's why he's behind bills in the Texas Legislature that would allow licensed concealed gun carriers to carry on campus. North Lake College Professor Tim Gottleber says, "All I'm allowed to carry on campus is this, and you just don't bring a knife to a gun fight."

Bill supporter and North Lake College professor Tim Gottleber is testifying tomorrow in Austin, in front of the House Public Safety Committee. He says, "Right now because nobody can carry except the police if someone wants to commit a horrific murder, they know they'll have very little resistance because we have no defense on campus."

Groups opposed to guns on campus are all over the internet, including Facebook sites that have thousands of members. Young adults on the UT Dallas campus today told us, simply put the pros of student and teacher packing don't outweigh the cons.

Anju Sreelatha says, "I'm not comfortable with it just because not everybody uses the proper judgment to use a gun." Timothy Cave adds, "It would cause the police to get confused if other students were carrying guns and something actually happened on campus." Daniel Robinson concludes, "Overall it's just gonna raise every body's stress level."

A few North Texas women are headed off to college next year, and hope the bills don't find their way Back East. Hillary Schelier says, "The more common you make carrying guns, the more likely there is something to happen on a daily basis."

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