Limited Number of H1N1 Vaccines Arrive In North Texas

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The Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services was busy today with people getting back-to school shots. When it comes to the H1N1 vaccine, however, Director Zach Thompson says, "It's like having one slice of pizza at a party and you gotta figure out who's gonna get that slice of pizza."

The department today received 700 doses of the injectable H1N1 vaccine. That brings the total doses of vaccines received to 1400. that is far less than the 10,000 it expected. Zach Thompson says, "I'm very concerned we don't have enough H1N1 vaccine to begin to immunize our community, vaccinate our community, in Dallas County.

In addition to the 700 injectable doses Dallas County received today, Tarrant County got 500 doses and Collin County got 200.

But some people in North Texas aren't as worried about the limited number of vaccines. Sunflower Shoppe, a natural foods store in Colleyville, is seeing an increase in the number of people looking for natural flu remedies.

The rush is being attributed to due to an increase in people interested in the natural aspect, as well as people who want to avoid doctors' offices and pharmacies where others might be sick. Sunflower Shoppe Certified Nutritionist Diane DeMore says, "I think that's why we have such an influx of people is they want something to protect themselves and protect their children because they have to be out in the public."

Diane DeMore says products with elderberry are among the best sellers. For Grapevine mom Angie Compas, the natural philosophy makes sense. She says, "I think if we could boost up our immune system to be stronger in general to fight all these germs instead of taking medication I think it's healthier for you."

For those who want the vaccine, it's unclear when they'll get it. Some private medical providers are waiting, too, for what they call an overdue arrival.

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Pharmaceutical IndustryHealthDallasDallas CountyEducationSwine FluTarrant County