The Best Harry Potter Websites

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Anticipating the new Harry Potter movie? Here are some great websites to celebrate the movie opening!

With just a couple hours to go,fans are flocking to websites like where a clock is counting down the minutes until the movie opening.

The 6th movie is hugely popular on Facebook, Digg, and trending on Twitter.

Tweeple fans were tweeting out sites like this character quiz. It's a fun way to test whether you're similar to friendly Snape…or wise like Dumbledore?

"What would Dumbledore do" is trying to spread the wizards thoughts through different lessons. Apparently, universities can take a page from the way Dumbledore runs Hogwarts. This lesson teaches that Education should be accessible for everyone.

If you're not a big Harry Potter fan, this website gives 2300 reasons to love him. It has a guide to Hogwarts, A wizard's atlas, and it also lists hundreds of spells with a description of the effects.Here, for example, is the explanation of Avada Kedavra – the killing curse.

And for the latest Potter news, the pottercast gives fans more than an hour of Potteresque entertainment in a weekly podcast.

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