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The Dallas high school had their song professionally recorded free of charge

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Normally, band students would practice for a concert or performance at a sporting event.  But Hillcrest High School Students are practicing for something much bigger.

“It’s a really big deal,” said Mya Warnock of Hillcrest High School. 

The band class is getting their fight song professionally recorded for the very first time. 

When the football team makes it to the playoffs, band teacher Brian Smith always gets a request for the 45 second song. 

“The radio stations, the TV stations have asked me for a recording.  There’s not one,” said Smith. 

Now the school will have something to give. 

“We’ve been practicing really hard.  We’ve been working on our parts,” said student Parker Johnson.

This day has been a dream for Smith.  He’s tried for about four years to get the 80-year-old song recorded.

“It’s very expensive.  We weren’t able to afford that,” said Smith. 

But thanks to the producers and engineers at MediaTech and Maximedia Studios, the school got to record their song, free of charge. 

“I’ve never been to anything like this,” said Warnock.   

For the recording, each section would go into the studio and play the song over and over again.  It had to be perfect.   First percussion, then woodwinds, and so on.  The song will be edited and mixed and the school will soon have that hard copy they’ve waited so long for.

Students say the Hillcrest band has struggled in the past, but not anymore.

“We went from 8 kids to 120 kids,” said Warnock. 

And they thank Smith for turning the program around. 

“I think it’s real important for the arts to be taught in the school and give everybody the opportunity,” said Smith. 

And everybody in the studio today got that opportunity to be a part of history – playing a crucial instrument for a song that can be passed down for years to come.



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