More Temp Jobs Could Mean More Full-Time Jobs

Like many who were laid off this year, Myeisha Knight is now finding success through temporary employment.

"It took me about three weeks to get a call back from the temp agency to let me know I had been chosen for a position," said Knight, who now works at an insurance company call center.

A new report from the Department of Labor shows 52,000 new temporary job placements in November -- the biggest increase in years.

Local temporary employment agencies said that's great news -- because it probably means companies will fill more full-time jobs soon.

"As they're trying to gain confidence that the economy is going to be sustainable, they'll bring contract employees on so they've got that flexibility," said John Romanow of Kelly Services. "So if the economy does show sustained growth and stability, they can convert those employees to full-time employees. So it lessens that industry's risk."

Knight said her last two full-times jobs grew out of temporary employment.

Finding any work -- including temporary work -- isn't always easy. But job seeker Quincy Moore, who just finished a temporary job, says persistence is the key.

"Don't give up. Keep the faith. And if you really want something, you have to work for it and go after it," Moore said. "It's not going to find you -- you have to find it."

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