Liposuction Goes High Definition


How far would you go to get the perfectly chiseled body? There's a new procedure that doctors say promises immediate results that can give you the six-pack abs you always dreamed of.

"Working out for years and years, and seeing no results, and dieting and running, and sit ups until I die, and nothing was ever happening," says High Def Lipo patient Justin Buettner.

He sounds like the average guy, working out to stay in shape, but never quite achieving the six-pack he always dreamed of. That is, until he went under the knife.

"Before, I was always embarrassed to take my shirt off because of my stomach; but now, no problem, I'll take my shirt off anytime," he says.

Justin took a rest from the gym and made a visit to Adelglass-Skintastic at Presbyterian Hospital in Plano. Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass is the first cosmetic surgeon in Texas to perform high definition liposuction.

"Bodies really have a curve and what we do with high def liposuction is give people not only better form, but better shape," says Dr. Adelglass.

Traditional lipo sucks out the fat and gives people a thinner, flatter tummy. As Dr. Adelglass describes it, "This starts where traditional lipo suction ends; we do suck out fat but then we go in and we have specialized tools and instruments that shape and sculpt the body."

Think of it as the Michaelangelo of surgery. The minimally invasive procedure takes about two and a half hours; you're given a local anesthesia but you're awake during the whole surgery.

The incisions leave a mark the size of a pin point. Justin describes the difference, saying, "Wow, it was unbelievable; even the wife said 'Wow, you're hot!'"

And doctors say patients' recovery time is almost as easy as the surgery. Have you ever done a bunch of sit-ups and you wake up the morning and your abs feel really sore? That's what it feels like after this surgery, except the results are permanent.

But don't expect to go from flabby to fit; not everyone is a perfect candidate for high def lipo. You have to already be in good shape and health.

"This is not done in and of itself; it's part of an overall plan to eat right, diet and exercise," says Dr. Adelglass.

But is this cheating? And will the fabricated, chiseled look give Justin an excuse to hang out on the couch with his newly sculpted hard body?

"It makes me want to work out that much harder; it makes me push myself that much more because I see results, and I have results finally so it makes me want to get in even better shape," he says.

There haven't been any long term studies on high def lipo, but four months after the surgery, Justin is still happy and showing off his new, leaner physique.

If it sounds pretty good, prepare to pay the price. High definition liposuction starts at 10,000 dollars.

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