Mall Moves

Chris Carter (baseball)

Money is not something that malls are rolling in these days. Research shows shopping centers are having a tough time filling space and vacancies are at a ten year high.
The Irving mall has been hit by this latest recession. There have also been a number of casualties like Fuddruckers. Circuit city recently closed its doors and Dillards has been downsized to a one level discount store.
all the stores are closing down. most of my favorite aren't there anymore so there's really no point in going.}
Shopper Cristina Velasquez says, " There's really no point in going to a mall here and have to drive to a different mall to see if they have your store there."
At Valley View mall it's a similar scenario where department store Macy's closed it doors.
But, faced with reality newer malls are finding out if you want the business you've got to attract the customers.
When other malls are struggling to keep stores open, Willow Bend mall in Plano is full. Non traditional stores like Adrenalina may be the reason why. Its a clothing store with a 35, 000 gallon wave machine.
Manager Chris Carter says, " Its like a wave, what it is, its a water jetting thru at 30 mph. you get on a board, you stand on top of it an ride it."
Its not just for kids, managers say during the week businessman are happy to pay twenty dollars for thirty minutes of stress relief. Besides being fun, its an attraction, people come just for this. And where the money is spent stores are more likely to stay open.

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