Mark Cuban Files Humorous Legal Document aimed at Perot Lawsuit

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Mark Cuban is on top of the world. He's the owner of the Dallas Mavs and he's not going anywhere and his fans like it.

"I think he brings spunk and funness and a lot of great things to the Mavs so absolutely and to Dallas", said Mavs fan Amy Leber.

But last year, minority owner Ross Perot Jr. sued to get Cuban removed as owner saying the team was losing money and was insolvent. He called the team the "worst franchise" in all of professional sports.

"We thought the lawsuit was nonsense when it was filed. We think it's even more so now", said Cuban’s attorney Tom Melsheimer.

Wednesday, Cuban rubbed the big win back in Perot's face with legal action of his own. It's short and terse.

"It's rare that you're watching a basketball game and you think, you know, this is really good for my legal case", Melsheimer said.

In it, Cuban points out that Perot is only a 5% owner of the team; Cuban owns 76%.

There's a huge color picture of the team celebrating their victory on page two. And to drive the point home, the Mavs are referred to as world champions a total of eight times.

"We put that in there eight times because 9 was too many and seven wasn't enough", Melsheimer said.

The lawsuit was the talk of the website TMZ.COM who called it the most “badass” legal document ever.

"We're the champs now. You can't take that away. That's what Mark Cuban did for Dallas", said Mavs fan Victor Perez.

"I'm a Lakers fan to begin with and I'm happy with Mavericks accomplishments this year", said Lakers fan Michael Stewart.

And to wrap it all up, Cuban asks a judge to throw out Perot's lawsuit and give the Mavs the relief they deserve (although they are quite content at the moment).

But if they have to go to trial, Cuban's attorney says bring it on.

 "We're very comfortable to try a case in Dallas County, Texas where a bunch of Dallas County citizens get to decide whether the Mavs are well run or not and I like our chances", Melsheimer said.

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