Mavs To Face Heat In NBA Finals

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The Mavs now know who they’re opponent will be for the NBA Finals.  For Mavs fans and players, the Miami Heat are bringing some bad memories from the 2006 NBA Finals, and they’re also bringing the Big 3.


On Wednesday night, the Dallas Mavericks punched their ticket to the NBA Finals.  And Thursday night, the Heat did the same thing. Both teams clinched their conferences in five games, and both teams ready for the NBA finals.


“It’s a great matchup.  They’re playing their best basketball right now, we feel like we’re playing well,” said Mavericks Head Coach Rick Carlisle.


There was a light atmosphere at Mavs practice at the American Airlines Center Friday.  Dirk Nowitzki could be seen joking and enjoying the moment, but he’s also getting prepared for a tough Heat team.


“They’re so good off the dribble and switching directions and where they’re really great is in transition, if you don’t get back, they definitely get to the basket,” said Nowitzki.


When he says they, he’s talking about the Big 3 of Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.


“It’s just like guarding anybody else to a certain degree.  You take away the easy bucket, make them shoot contested jump shots, and that’s it, make them play some defense,” said Mavericks forward Shawn Marion.


What about that 2006 NBA Finals, a series that got away from the Mavs.  Up 2-0, the Heat rattled off four straight wins and took the title.  Now the Mavs get back to the finals again, and get the Heat again.


“You never know in this league if you ever get another chance, and we’re able to get to this stage again and it feels good and so now we just got to go for it and do all the things that got us here,” said Nowitzki.


While the team was practicing at the American Airlines Center, fans were packing into the fan shop there, getting geared up for the finals.  Mavs fan Juan Trejo is excited about facing the Heat.


“I think it’s great.  I think its redemption time around here in Dallas,” said Trejo, who had a strategy to win the title, one that he thinks Coach Carlisle should adopt.


“Lebron is going to get his.  Dwayne Wade is going to get his.  We know that.  We can slow down Bosh, I think we’ll be alright,” he said.

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