Jesus Takes the Wheel in the #81 Car

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He looks like a surfer or a rock star.

But, Blake Koch is actually a preacher, spreading God's message at 200 miles-per-hour.

"God's given me the opportunity to race in NASCAR and I feel like and I know as a Christian I have to give back by living out my Christianity," said 25-year-old NASCAR driver Blake Koch.

Blake lives out his Christianity in the fast lane of the Nationwide NASCAR Series in the 81 DayStar car. He got behind the wheel after racing motorcycles for about nine years. But he says motocross was just too dangerous.

"I was getting hurt a lot so around 18-years-old I decided to get out of motocross and go to college and I had an opportunity to get into a car at the amateur level," Blake said. "I did it and I was hooked."

And faith based sponsors like DayStar and were hooked by his testimony and the giant stage he could use to reach people for God.

"Being able to talk to people about my faith and my relationship has just really strengthened it," Blake said.

Every time Blake gets into the car he says a little prayer. I don't blame him especially since the wall is coming at him at 200 miles-an-hour. But, he says in moments of crisis he believes God is with him inside the car.

"There are so many situations during a race where you almost get into wreck, you did get hit, you're safe and protected and maybe you're spinning out and you do go straight miraculously somehow," Blake said. "You definitely feel as a believer I know those are close connections to God."

Blake also thinks he's got a little advantage because who really wants to hit God's car. Unfortunately NASCAR driver Eric Holmes did it in 2009.

"He just went into the corner like in lap five and took me out," Blake said. "And after the race his wife's like, 'we're so worried we don't know what's going to happen we might go to hell, we just took out the God car.'"

The 81 DayStar God car will be on the track this Friday at Texas Motor Speedway. Oh yeah, Blake is not only fast, he is good. Right now he is in the running for the NASCAR Nationwide Series Rookie of the Year."

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