Natural Ways to Stay Cool in Summer

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It doesn't matter how many times you shower, with this heat, the second you step outside you feel sticky and sweaty. So I'm on the hunt for some products to help me stay cool, naturally, during the Texas summer.

Kristen Gibbins and I are hitting six stores within Northpark Center, starting with the Body Shop. They have a peppermint line great for cooling sweaty feet.

"We're all guilty of spending too much time in the sun and that leads to sun spots and age spots and this product here, Brighter by Nature is going to correct the problem," Kristen says about the products at Origin. For additional protection we head to Fresh. They have sugar balms with SPF 15 in different tinted hues.

Next we hop over to Aveda for help with our hair. Keep humidity at bay with the Smooth Infusion Line. And Sephora has a dry shampoo by Ojon to help keep hair bouncy in between washes.

Finally we go to Lush, where they have a fresh smoothie bar. We try on a blueberry facial that's cooling and soothing for sun damaged skin.

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