The Michael Johnson Performance Center prepares 2010 draft prospects.

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The 2010 Combine is just a few weeks away and the facility that you train at is arguably as important as the team you played for. Athletes train and workout hoping to improve their skills and speed in efforts to get drafted and get a pay check as an NFL football player. McKinney, Texas houses one of the most acclaimed training facilities, the Michael Johnson Performance center and they have been working with and training ten lucky collegate all-stars in preparation for the, quickly approaching 2010 NFL Combine. A quick turn-around for the athletes, because some went straight to work after finishing their last college game ever, "it happened so fast, I think I blinked twice and I was here," said former Texas Linebacker, Roddick Muckelroy, who was in the company of former teamate Sergio Kindle. "If you want to be fast than who better to go to than Mike," said Kindle. "It's not just about speed here we comprehensively prepare these guys for the combine and our guys get there and perform well, in all of the drills across the board, and that's our objective and that's our job. That's why they've entrusted us in there combine preparation," said Michael Johnson.But they have a lot to do in a short amount of time, " we only have five to six weeks to get them ready and so we have them on an extremely rigourous shedule," said Johnson. "When you get home from this type of work out; you eat, maybe watch one of your favorite tv shows, then go to sleep," said Kindle.But Johnson explains to them, "you're not going to get a chance to play in another football game to prove yourself. This is your only opportunity to get to prove yourself and to increase your draft position."But if you're draft position is projected at number one, like Ndamukong Suh, the former Nebraska Defensive End, then you don't have much room to improve. "I don't have to improve just maintain it. I just want to maintain and increase my ability to be faster stronger and just showcase my talent," said Suh.They use a high tech computer system to analyze and review their running technique because Micheal says the difference between a tenth of a second, is the difference between 1-million or 2-million dollars."It's really about seconds, trying to shave some of those seconds off your forty time, every second is a dollar, and I'm trying to gain as many dollars as I can," said Muckelroy.

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