School Of Rock Teaches Students Music In Unique Way

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School is back in North Texas, and that included the School of Rock, where instead of learning about Shakespeare, Sir Isaac Newton and George Washington, students were taught about Led Zeppelin, Metallica and Nirvana.

After their normal school day, children came to the school of rock for music lessons unlike anywhere else.

Marlhy Murphy, 9, played the drums.

“There are tons of different drum beats you can learn, and it’s sometimes pretty cool to listen to all of those drum beats and then you can go, ‘I can play that now,’” said Murphy, who listed Led Zeppelin and The Who as two of her favorite bands.  “I like ‘Fool In The Rain,’ ‘Moby Dick,’ ‘Immigrant Song,’ pretty much the hardest beats that John Bonham does.”

She played songs for The 33 News from drumming legends like Led Zeppelin’s Bonham and The Who’s Keith Moon.  Murphy’s parents discovered her rhythmic talent at the age of 5 when she played the video game Rock Band on Wii.

“So they took me to the School of Rock, and I tried out with one of the teachers, and he came out screaming like a lady and going, ‘She can play a beat now, you have to come see this,’” said Murphy.

School of Rock co-owner Terry Longhway said his school was all about bringing the best out of talented children.  Longhway said the school was inspired by his uninspiring lessons with his mother as a child.

“We were doing ‘When The Saints Go Marching In’ on an acoustic guitar with no pick and I wanted to play an electric guitar like Eddie Van Halen or AC/DC songs,” said Longhway.

You would not find anyone at the school playing ‘When The Saints Go Marching In,’ although through all of the fun, Longhway said the students were learning music theory and so much more.

“It`s not just you practicing, say, the scales, so you can do a Metallica solo, but you`re in a Metallica song with four other kids who also love Metallica,” Longhway told The 33 News.

For Murphy, the School of Rock was a place where she found out just how far her abilities could take her.

“I just think that`s the talent I have.  I mean, everyone has a talent and I think drumming and playing bass and all that is my thing,” said Murphy.

There are four School of Rock locations throughout the Metroplex.

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