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Now Is The Time To Book Summer Travel

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Spring break might be over, but travel experts say now is the time to start thinking about planning and booking reservations for summer vacations.

Dallas resident Chivas Warren and her husband are heading to Sicily, Italy next month to baptize their son.  She said her friends were paying a lot more for flights than she did.

“They waited a few weeks longer to book their flights, and they’re 25 percent higher,” said Warren.

Alex Ramsey with the travel agency All Aboard Travel said Warren’s friends were paying more for one big reason.

“Gas prices, because jet fuel is much more expensive than gas and it’s going up,” said Ramsey.

As a result, Ramsey said start making your summer travel plans now, starting with your flights.

“The air is something that I’m concerned about for all of our clients of going ahead and getting that down so that the sticker shock doesn’t cause you to faint,” Ramsey told CW 33 News.

Ramsey said there were some destinations this summer where you could get a deal starting with the Caribbean.

“It’s going to be hot, you know, that kind of thing, but if you want a beach and you want to just chill out the Caribbean is great,” she said.

Ramsey said Panama was another hot spot this summer that’s also affordable.

“Panama has come online with some fabulous new hotels, great nightlife.  You get the jungle nearby if you want the tropical; you have the oceans and beaches nearby,” said Ramsey.

While the Olympics in England will cost an arm and a leg, Ramsey said look next door at Ireland, which was offering a slew of travel deals.

“It’s the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and Belfast has built this amazing, modern museum that has part of the ship in it,” she said.

Ramsey also said rumors about cruise ship prices dropping for the summer after the Costa Concordia disaster in Italy were just not true.  She said cruises are hotter than ever and you probably have already missed your chance to get the best deal on a cruise for this summer.

Because of rising fuel prices, Warren has started planning her next big vacation, not for this summer, but next winter.

“We actually already have our flights booked, and we are heading to Australia and New Zealand for the New Year,” said Warren.

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