Police Looking for Band Of Boot Bandits

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When it comes to cowboy boots everyone has there own style. K.C. Northcut is visiting the Fort Worth Stock Yards this weekends to attend the big rodeo. "I wear Justin's there the most comfortable, these ostrich skins, you can't beat um." In fact Justin Boots make a wide array of styles but this year retailers may be short on selection.
The reason, a band of boot bandits. Lisa Lankes with Justin boots in Fort Worth says some 3 million dollars worth of boots were taken from their Fort Worth distribution center earlier this month. "The boots that were stolen where ordered by stores for the holiday demand and now these retailers won't have those boots." says Lankes.
The thieves took five trailers filled with boots and they did it without much fuss. Surveillance video shows a man cutting the front gate lock and driving his truck into the parking lot. After hooking his truck up to a trailer he drives away. He returned two more times taking a total of three trailers. The crooks came back two weeks later and stole 2 more trailers. Police recovered several of the empty cargo containers near I-20 in Arlington but so far have no suspects.
Lankes believes the boots will be resold on the black market, "if consumers see our brand being sold at a flea market or somewhere else they should consider that suspect and I hope they would call Crime Stoppers."

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