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If you've ever checked out the wildly popular blog, SeaofShoes, you know that Jane Aldridge has impeccable taste in shoes and fashion sense. The 19-year-old recently graduated high school but instead of heading off to university, she will be launching her own clothing collection, Atlantis Dry Goods. We caught up with the trendsetter at the opening of the new Club Monaco West Village store.

Roni: I spoke with you a couple years ago, what have you been up to since then?Jane: It's crazy how my blog has grown and it's become something so different, it keeps me busy all the time and I'm learning so much. I've designed a capsule collection of shoes for Urban Outfitters and my mom and I are launching our own small clothing line right now. My Mom had a clothing line called Atlantis Dry Goods it was just cotton basics that were Victorian Sleepwear , which I think works as such a great wardrobe staple. I'm so happy we're re launching it because I think there's a void in the market for something like that

Roni: What are your top shoe designers of the moment?Jane: I love what Guiseppe Zanotti does and right now I'm wearing Barbara Bui, I just got them yesterday

Roni: How do you pick a pair of shoes off the rack?Jane: I always go for things that are unusual but work really well as basics

Roni: If you were front row at any runway show, which would it be?Jane: I've never been to a fashion show, but going to a Prada show would be Beyond!

Roni: What advice would you give a young blogger who is starting off?Jane: Familiarize yourself with more of the technical aspects will put you way ahead. I depend on my Mom so much so it's really important to have that team work

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