Don't Let Facebook Eat Away At Your Clothing Budget

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It used to be that you could get away with wearing the same dress to two different events as long as the same people weren't at both.

But not anymore, thanks to Facebook. The pressure's on to look cute and different at every get-together. Good luck doing that without forking over lots of cash!

But what you could dress like the stars on the red carpet and not pay the price for it? I'm talking Nicole Miller, Vera Wang and Dolce And Gabana pieces at your disposal for about a tenth of the price.

The secret is Rent The Runway.

Let's say you have wedding coming up, and you have nothing in your closet that suits the occasion that you haven’t worn recently.

Log on to the site, choose your price and style - be as picky as you like - and then browse.

Find one you like? Select your size and a back up size for free. Yes, that means two of the same dress for one price, so you can be almost certain that it will fit.

Select the day you want it to arrive, and after you break it down at your friend’s wedding, just ship it back. Don't worry about that wine stain... they'll dry clean it for the next customer.

Besides, what's the point in actually buying the dress when Facebook only lets you wear it once?


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