Roger Staubach says NFL Told Him Super Bowl Will Be Back

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For North Texans wondering if the Super Bowl will ever be played here at home again, Roger Staubach says he has the answer.

" The NFL will want to come back here, whether it's 50, 49 or 51. They will be back. They told me that," said Cowboys Legend Roger Staubach.

Staubach made the comments to reporters today. We asked his colleagues at the North Texas Super Bowl Host Committee for reaction.

"I think Roger is right. The stadium in Arlington got the game here the first time. The stadium is the finest sports venue in the world. It will get the game here the second time too," said North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee President &CEO Bill Lively.

The folks at the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau say despite some serious woes: bad weather, injured workers and a seating debacle; Super Bowl XLV was an economic touchdown. Hotel revenues alone soared by 600 percent. They say we just experienced some growing pains.

"Any other city that's hosted multiple Super Bowls will tell you their first one is always the hardest one. Then it's gotten easier as they've gone along hosting additional Super Bowls," said CVB President & CEO Phillip Jones Dallas.

The Super Bowl Host Committee says it's just a matter of when the game will be back. But say some key things should be done differently.

"The next host committee ought to have a closer communication with the NFL, as it plans what it's going to do in the stadium, I think," said Lively

The CVB says how well sell the event too might need to be scaled down.

"One of the lessons learned is you under promise and over deliver and I think what we did is we said we wanted to be the biggest and the best and have the most attendance ever," said Jones.

Bill Lively, though, says while seating records aren't important -- Texas should continue to dream big.

"We're in Texas. You oughta have bold goals. We should have noble goals, that are ambitious," said Lively.

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