Roni Recommends

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There are some interesting movies in theaters, here is our pick for 'Roni Recommends'

For hte film for the family, it's 'Everybody's Fine'. Starring Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore and Kate Beckinsale, it's the sad tale of a family broken down by lack of communication. De Niro plays Frank, the recent widower who invites his grown children home for the holidays. One after ther other they cancel, so Frank goes on the road to visit them and catch up on their lives. This is an example of what a family should strive to not be, as Frank struggles to reconnect with the kids he's disappointed over the years.

Next is the flick for the date, 'Brothers'. Natalie Portman plays Grace, a woman grieving over her husband Sam's death. But Sam is still alive. As a prisoner of war fighting returns home, but soon realizes this family isn't the same. Grace has fallen for his brother, an ex con played by Jake Gyllenhaal who has become the new man in the house. It's a gripping movie that will leave you wondering whos side to take.

And finally the movie to wait for the DVD. 'Serious Moonlight'. It seemed to have poential, it was written by the same woman who wrote the clever 'Waitress', but this film falls flat. Meg Ryan plays the neurotic wife who traps her husband in the house when she discovers he's been cheating. Tied up and locked up in the bathroon, she shows him slide show pictures of their marriage, hoping to convince him of their love and relationship.

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