Roni Recommends

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For the film for the family, it's 'When in Rome'. Kristen Bell stars as Beth, a single girl in New York who just learned her ex is planning to propose, to another woman! When Beth goesto her sister's wedding Rome, she's determined to turn her unlucky love past around. She wades in a famous fountain, picking up coins from other peoples wishes and getting a love curse in return. Soon she has a number of courters hoping to win over her love. Meanwhile her eyes are set on Nick, played by Josh Duhamel, but is he into her, or lured by the curse?

For the movie for the date, you may be interested in 'the Edge of Darkness'. Mel Gibson returns in front of the screen for the first time since his personal drama involving alcoholism, racial slurs and probation. In the Edge of Darkness he plays a homicide detective investigating his daughter's death. As he goes deeper into her mysterious murder, he finds out more about her secret life and a cover up that puts himself in danger as well.

And for the movie to not even catch on DVD! 'I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell'. I don't know how it made it to a best selling book, or even a movie in the first place, but I would avoid it even now on DVD. It's about Tucker Max, the bachelor who tries to out do himself with every one of his one night stands. In the movie he's convinced two of his friends to come along and partake in the debauchery.

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