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For the movie for the family, I say 'remember Me'. Rob Pattinson plays Tyler, a college kid who's world is shattered when his brother tragically dies Tyler's father, Pierce Brosnon, is a bitter workaholic, making their relationship even more strained. But then Tyler meets Ally. She is a breathe of fresh air and she lifts his spirits in a way he never thought possible. Life almost seems manageable, but Ally soon searns why Tyler wanted to get together in the first place, and it threatens to break them apart.

For the film for the date, you have a romantic comedy option with 'Our Family Wedding' or an action packed flick with 'Green Zone'. In 'Our Wedding' America Ferrera stars as Lucia, a college student who just got engaged to the love of her life, Marcus. But as they try and plan the wedding, the Dads take control. Forest Whitaker and Carlos Mencia are the Papas with opinions. Meanwhile Lucia's mother is trying to make decisions, to create her version of a dream wedding. The young couple soon realizes that getting married means you have to take on the whole family, good and bad!

In the thrilling 'Green Zone', Matt Damon teams up with the same director who did the Bourne Ultimatum to take on the Iraqi War as Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller. Set in 2003, during the American occupation of Baghdad, Miller was in charge of finding weapons of mass destruction, believed to be hidden in the Iraqi desert. Miller and his team endure traps, maneuver around obstacles and overcome challenges to find the weapons and the truth.

So that leaves us with the movie to wait for the DVD, 'She's Out of My League'. It's the story about Kirk, an airport security guard who screens Molly, a beautiful event planner before she boards her flight. Ally forgets her cell phone, and when she calls it, Kirk picks up. The two start dating, but everyone's wondering why this sexy '10' of a girl would ever settle for the '5' of a guy.

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