Burger King, Carl's Jr. launch sexy food ad campaigns

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Sexy women, skimpy outfits and succulent food.

Burger King and Carl's Jr. are hoping that's a winning combination to boost sales in a slumping economy.

The dueling ad campaigns are hope to catch the attention of teenage males by using the oldest trick in advertisement -- sex -- and pairing it with a more modern twist -- webcams.

It's a new spin on the sexy food ad.

Burger King's ad features an anonymous 20-year-old from London. People who are 18 and older can watch her online every morning at 9:30 while she sings in the shower in a bikini.

Viewers can vote on what bikini she wears -- burger bun top or egg top -- and also what song she sings on the Web site, www.singingintheshower.co.uk.

The campaign, which ends on Thursday, will pick one man or woman to meet the Burger King "Shower Babe" for a breakfast date.

And if you're looking for a lunch date?

Carl's Jr. has you covered.

Customers will have the chance to chat with reality star Kim Kardashian in "The Ultimate Salad Lunch Date" if they buy a new Carl's salad between Dec. 30 and Jan. 12.

The purchase will give patrons a special code that will allow them to ask Kardashian questions during a Jan. 13 virtual lunch date. People can watch at no cost.

While the ads are attracting viewers, there are also plenty of critics.

"It is just sending the wrong message to the younger group," Lee Rice, 47, said as he walked out of a Dallas Burger King. "A half-naked women is not good for our kids."

But others said it doesn't reveal anything that children and adults don't already see on television and movies.

"It's probably not the right message, but they see it in high school," Jessica Norris, 26, said. "They see it in cartoons. They see it anywhere not just in food commercials."

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