"Slant 45 The Movie" Premieres in Plano

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Face after face walked the red carpet tonight in Plano. Some, like Roger Staubach and Daryl Johnston were recognizable. Others are soon to be stars.

"It made me real happy and glad to feed a lot of hungry people and I hope I never see that man with the sign on the treet again without a home and some food" said young Will Lourcey, who in the movie.

It was the world premier of "Slant 45, The Movie". It's a documentary based on seven groups of North Texas children who took on community service projects and changed dramatically in the process.

"I'm really excited to look at the movie and look at these groups. They worked really hard" said young Madeline Braley who was in the movie.

Slant 45 stands for Service Learning Adventures in North Texas. It's a youth education project taken on by the North Texas Super Bowl 45 Host Committee and a non-profit organization called Big Thought.

"I think it's an example of using a wonderful vehicle such as the wonderful football game and also to see the importance of doing things that are important to the community. It's kind of overwhelming how successful it's been" Host Committee Chair Roger Staubach said.

Film maker and director Mark Birnbaum spent about 18-months chronicling some of the more than 44,000 children that made up Slant 45. They put in a combined 440,000 service learning hours.

"I learned a lot about the courage kids at 9-12 year old kids have when they're given an opportunity to really do something meaningful for their community" filmmaker and director Mark Birnbaum said.

The movie is said to give hope to and about the current generation of kids...taking a moving and amusing look at them accepting responsibility to make the world around them a better place.

"We talk it about it all the time, but we're such a visual society today that you can tell people and you can put it in text, but when they actually see it, when they actually see what these kids did and hear their stories and their personalities, it really brings this whole program to life. So this movie was critical. It really was critical." Slant 45 Daryl Johnston said.

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