Sonia Kashuk's Holiday Makeup

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Sonia Kashuk has been a makeup expert for 30 years, creating flawless faces for the covers of Vogue, Elle and Mademoiselle magazines and working with such supermodels as Kristy Turlington and Cindy Crawford.

But you may know her best by her popular makeup line that has been on Target shelves for a decade. She prides herself on high quality products that rival the department store brands, but are offered at Target for drug store prices. She came to Irving's Target to show how to get the holiday look for 2010.

Here's what she said:

Sonia: One of the things about holiday is shimmer, shimmer, shimmer. And shimmer is fantastic, but choose a feature if you want to add shimmer to it, don't go for the eye and the lip and the cheek. I'm going to darken up your eyes, just a little bit , I'm going to dab into this brown, heavy pigment, really strong, and always shake off your brush and I'm going to add a little bit of contour. A really good tip is to keep a kleenex and every time you are going back in, wipe your brush off.

Instead of using black to create a smokey eye, Sonia's palattes come in shades of browns and plums, which offer subtle drama to eyes. She also uses the eye shadow as a liner with her own pencil line that comes in a clutch you can take with you to the holiday party!

For a full, red lip, Sonia pairs down the eyes and plays up the drama around the mouth. First she creates a flawless face by buffing out skin's imperfections and adding soft blush to cheeks. Then she uses her rosy red lip pencil, filling in at the center of the lips and working her way out. She recommends you not have such a dramatic and defined lip line, as that can show imperfections. Instead soften lips

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