How celebrities are making money by tweeting

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Many celebrities have a large amount of Twitter followers -- true fans who go out of their way to read every update. It's no wonder companies are trying to get their products on the popular feeds.

Sponsored tweets are becoming more trendy. Actor & Director LeVar Burton beamed this post advertising a Sony camera to his 1.6 million followers.

So how much can a tweet earn you?Well, rumors go Perez Hilton makes a few thousand dollars for every sponsored tweet, but rapper Soulja Boy and Kim Kardhasian are said to receive a cool ten grand per tweet.

They get sponsored through Web sites such as and Mylikes.

Kardhasian is a top publisher on, and advertising platform that connects tweeters with advertisers such as Sony and Microsoft. MyLikes has a similar concept. It allows one sponsored tweet per day, and it pays 20 to 80 cents for every click on the ad link.

The average Twitter user won't get stinking rich from tweeting, but that's not the only reason many choose to stay away from sponsored tweeting.

Getting paid to tweet has been a hot discussion topic. Tweeters are worried those posts pollute their feed, and they're concerned the objectivity will be lost. That's one of the reasons the Federal Trade Commission says sponsored tweets have to carry an 'ad' disclosure.

Twitter says it will launch its own advertising sometime this year. That could completely change the way it's being done now.

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AdvertisingTwitter, Inc.CelebritiesSony Corp.Soulja BoyPerez Hilton