Sunny Saturday Brings Thousands to Dallas Blooms

The Texas sun was shining just in time for opening day of Dallas Blooms.

Sounds from a Spanish guitar filled the warm air for this year's theme, "Fiesta de Flores." The weather had thousands of people flocking to the gardens, including a little girl named Rosie May. She loved the flowers almost as much as she loved her camera.

"I took red ones, pink ones, white ones and all the colors," she said.

While she snapped away, the adults lounged away picnicking on the grass.

"To come here and wear flip flops and shorts today, it's amazing. It's a nice break," said Heather Primeau, an Arboretum visitor.

"Today's gorgeous and we're just going to enjoy it while we can, said Rachel Yoho, Heather's friend.

It's hard to imagine just a few weeks ago, kids were probably making snowmen. Now they're playing in water that's thankfully unfrozen.

One person who couldn't be happier about the heat is bride-to-be Sharon Bloxson. She thought she'd be taking her portraits indoors.

"I woke up very excited because the sun was out early this morning, no rain so far, so it's a beautiful day today," Bloxson said.

Her wedding is just a week away, but it's still winter. No telling how the weather will be then.

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