Breast Augmentation: TUBA procedure hits all the right notes


Brittany Rennie is walking confidently these days--she said she was always on the small side until last September when she went from an A cup to a double D cup.

Plenty of women do that--but it's how Brittany got there that stunned even her.

While researching breast implants she discovered trans-umbilical breast augmentation or TUBA.

She'd never heard of it but decided it was the procedure for her.

"I didn't want a scar underneath or on the side,” Brittany said. “This one is easy and you don't have to be bandaged up, bandages com off the next day."

No scars because the saline implants are introduced into the body via the belly button.

Forest Park Medical Center surgeon Dr. Clayton Frenzel uses an endoscope to guide the empty saline implants through two tunnels into the chest--when in place the implants are filled with sterile saline to the size and shape the patient wants.

Implanting around the breast or through the armpit can leave visible scars.

Dr. Frenzel said he used to perform the TUBA procedure as many as twenty times a month in California and now it's growing in popularity here.

"It's a lot more popular for the younger girls,” Dr. Frenzel said. “The girls between 18 and 25 or 30, once you get in the girls that are 30, 35 or 40 a lot of those patients are choosing silicone for some reason."

Brittany had a hard time explaining the procedure to her friends.

"Yea,” Brittany said. “Nobody knows what I'm talking about, it's really not out there, everyone is like what? Through your belly button? What?"

Dr. Frenzel said the procedure takes about an hour with most patients getting back to normal in about a week.

Brittany said the pain felt like she'd worked her abs really hard.

The procedure cost Brittany $5,500.00 which is about the same as other procedures.

Brittany said she got exactly what she wanted—larger breasts and a no visible scars.

"100 percent super pleased," Brittany said.






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