Kid Catches 2 Foul Balls at Texas Rangers Game

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Every baseball fan hopes to catch a foul ball during a game. But, what about two foul balls, back to back, from the same hitter in the same game? IMPOSSIBLE.

No. It happened to 12-year-old CJ Ramsey from Cedar Hill.

CJ has been playing baseball since he was four. He has a shelf full of trophies. Every time he goes to a Texas Rangers game he brings his glove, just in case he gets a shot at a foul ball. CJ got his shot Sunday as the Rangers took on the the Boston Red Sox.

"Josh Hamilton was up and I saw it go up in the air and I was like oh gosh, this is coming," CJ said. "And I caughtit and I just stared at it for a second and I thought I caught this."

The announcer on the TV said, "That's why you bring your glove to the ballpark right there. You never know. You got a moment in time you'll never forget."

But, CJ's moment wasn't over yet.

"And I had just handed the ball to my uncle, just in case, you know, we were just kinda joking around, maybe he'll hit another one," CJ said, "AND HE DID!"

"NO!," the announcer yelled, "AGAIN, SAME KID!"

CJ's dad almost missed the whole thing while grabbing a hot dog.

"I happened to look up on the monitor on the TV and I said that looks like CJ," Scott Ramsey said. "And, I'm watching and I said that looks like CJ. IT IS CJ. He just caught a foul ball. And I said, how great is that."

Then a moment later he heard a roar in the stadium. "I said oh, they're showing it again. And I thought, wait a minute, that's a different catch. That's another foul ball. HE CAUGHT TWO FOUL BALLS. And I could see where everybody was giving him a standing ovation."

Now CJ is going to have to make a little more room on his trophy shelf.

"I was like wow, the chances of that happening, the chances of me getting one was almost impossible and two is like not gonna happen." laughed CJ. "But, it happened."

As far as the odds, baseball fans and mathematicians think the odds of that happening are about 3.1 million to one.

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SportsBaseballTelevisionEntertainmentTexas RangersBoston Red SoxJosh Hamilton