Two workers killed in crane collapse at UTD campus

A construction crane on the campus of the University of Texas at Dallas was left broken with part of it lying atop of a building after collapsing Saturday afternoon. Two workers were killed.

Arnand Gayapershad was in the library studying when the crane fell.

"Me and my friend we heard a lot of screaming and then we heard a loud crashing sound like metal falling from the sky and then we heard more screaming", Gayapershad said.

The crane was one of three being used to build the new arts and technology building. 

"This is going to be the new area where they're going to do all the website design and everything here at UTD", said student Erik Robinson.

The school says the crane was being disassembled when it fell.

Students say the wind was blowing pretty hard at the time.

"It was maybe 30 or 40 mile an hour winds. I didn't hear anything inside the building or anything but it was pretty bad", Robinson said.

A few hours after the accident, we say crews inspecting the fallen crane.

The university says the workers killed were from an outside construction company.  The Hunt Construction Group is on the site, but no one was willing to talk. 

The university says no students, faculty, or staff were hurt in the accident and they are advising everyone on campus to stay away from the site.


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