Water Liposuction


Joey Romero has almost achieved his dream body. He lost over 50 pounds last year by dieting and exercising, but he's still left with love handles and some extra flabby skin. He says, "I think you do need to continue to work out, do everything you can, and this is just a supplement."

He turned to Dr. Jeffrey Caruth for help. Caruth is the first cosmetic surgeon in the country to use a revolutionary liposuction technique, called 'Body Jet' that uses water to disolve and suction out fat.

He says it's so minimally invasive there's virtually no down time. "The advantage with the body jet is I know I can pinch up that much now when we're done with the procedure I know I'll be able to only pinch up a little bit," he says.

Joey Romero says, "I figured I could do this on a Friday and my daughter has a soccer game this weekend that I coach and I plan on being there running around with them."

Before he goes into surgery, Dr. Caruth marks up where he plans to take out fat and he snaps some 'before' pictures. Here's how the surgery works; the doctor uses a canula the size of a pin head, which sprays water into the body. That breaks up the fat, then the fat and water are removed simultaneously. The doctor asked Joey, "Can you explain what it feels like?" He says, "Kind of like there's a balloon inside you and you're blowing up the balloon."

Because the doctor is removing the fluid, along with the fat, the results are immediate, so he can contour the body and determine how much more he needs to take out. With traditional liposuction, most of the fluid remains in the body, and drains for several weeks. So there's swelling and a lot of bruising. "There's much more trauma with that you're damaging the connective tissue, so there's more bruising, swelling, a lot more discomfort post op, you can get irregular results," the doctor says.

Before the procedure, Denise Levrett wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini. She says, "I didn't wear shorts, very self conscious about my body and my legs, especially my hips."

Before surgery her legs were bumpy and lumpy. Now, she's trim and slim. "I'm probably in a better place than I was 20 years ago when my kids were little," she says.

She chose this form of liposuction because she could be awake during the entire procedure, which only took a few hours. "It was immediate when we got finished with the procedure I could tell a huge difference already there was very little swelling, it was quick painless, I didn't have any medication or anything," Denise says.

Now, this Mom of four and grandmother can't wait to play with them in the pool. And with just a few small incisions left, Joey could be back to working out in no time. "It's just a motivating factor for me to work even harder in the gym because I will start to see the results, " she says.

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