Weiner Scandal: Are on-line romances cheating?

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In the on-line virtual world of e-mails, IM's and tweets, the conversation can often turn sexual without the person sending or receiving the messages ever meeting. But does it mean those at the keyboard are being unfaithful to their spouses or partners? Those we spoke to say yes.

"Your partner is supposed to be your best friend. And if you betray their trust, then that to me is cheating" said Maria Petrovich.

"It's an intimate thing, you know. Anytime you're doing something like that, yeah, there's no doubt about it", said Dennis Sternitzky.

Anthony Weiner isn't the first congressman to get caught up in an internet scandal involving racy pictures.

In February, New York Representative Chris Lee resigned immediately after a shirtless picture he sent to a woman he met on Craigslists surfaced. Lee is married with one child.

Scandals like this are no surprise to Aubrey Connatser.

"I see people who can't seem to keep their professional life separate life”, Connatser said.

Connatser is a divorce attorney and is seeing more marriages dissolve because a spouse has been involved in a virtual romance and the other half considers it cheating.

"One of the things I usually do in a litigation case would be to look at the opposing party's facebook page to see if I can gather any information there" she said.

As devastating as it can be, family therapist Melody Brooke says some marriages do survive.

 "Sometimes it's fear, sometimes it's sabotage, sometimes it's emotional insecurity but working through the things that are underneath that behavior, that's how your marriage survives it", Brooke said.

But for some, no amount of counseling will help if it happened to them.

"I'd be single, no doubt about it" Jeff Weinand said.

"Oh I would leave him. Absolutely”, Angela Butler said.

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