Accused killer attempts to steal plane, kills self


In a world where even boys in wheelchairs get the full-body treatment from airport security, it`s hard to explain what happened in Utah.

The scene:St. GeorgeMunicipal Airport where a security guard spots a warm motorcycle next to the airport fence. Clue #1 something is wrong.

This was more than a parking violation, because Brian Hedglin was already at the controls of a Skywest Airlines jet, on the final leg to his journey of no return. Cops say Hedglin had been on the run since murdering his girlfriend in Colorado a few days earlier.

Hedglin was a Skywest pilot on administrative leave and a member of the Colorado Air National Guard, so he knew how to beat airport security, how to break into a commercial jetliner, and then, how to start that sucker up.

But the hijackin’ Hedglin clipped a wing, then scraped the terminal before plowing through a fence, over some trees, and into cars in the parking lot. And that`s where cops finally got inside.

'Mr. Hedglin was deceased in the plane from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound,' said Capt. James Van Fleet of the St. George police.

In other words, he blew his brains out.

Now, the city is trying to figure out how a guy can steal a jetline.

"There was no one around,' noted Marc Mortensen, a spokesperson for the city. 'No passengers, no people in the parking lot, so we were very fortunate that he was quite frankly, the only fatality in this event."

Bottom line: Someone`s got some explainin’ to do.

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