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Blast From The Past

Unrest, Conflicts and War

This next story takes the phrase "blast from the past" literally!

45,000 people were evacuated from the city of Koblenz, Germany after World War 2 bombs were found.

The bombs had been under water for 65 years in the Rhine River after they were dropped by American and British war planes in the last years of the war. They surfaced when water levels dropped to record lows last week.

And we're talking' about a possible big ‘kah-boom’ here!!!

The largest bomb was a nearly two ton British air bomb with the potential of destroying the city's center.

But now they're having trouble deactivating the detonator in a smaller one.

So right now, the city is a forbidden area.

It seems dramatic, but bomb deactivation is actually a common practice in Germany.

Last year, a bomb exploded in Gottingen, killing three members of a bomb-disposal squad.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a better outcome this time!

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